Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Riviera Maya

mmmmm....nothing like a cup of coffee on the beach

Dan relaxed! Love it!

Dancing and singing her lil heart out

We promised the girls we would take them swimming when we got to our resort...after waiting out a beautiful thunder storm we went swimming in the rain at 10 oclock pm

waiting for the airplane to take us to paraidse!

Jardin De Eden, a local cenota or sinkhole. It was about 26 feet deep and crystal clear water. I lost Daniel's wedding band in this cenota as it slid off my finger and flew in to the endless depths. We decided it was quite romantic!

The Carribean Sea, it is the most amazing blue and warm

White sand and pink toenails

Olivia was like a lil fishy...we could not get her out of the ocean

Emmy in the cenota...

Monday, August 10, 2009

My Beautiul Life

Birthday Bash At The Beach

Papa and Uncle Boots both have birthdays in August, so to celebrate we made chicken salad sandwiches, fruit, veggies, carrot cake cupcakes and headed off to the beach for a picnic! After our yummy dinner we headed up the beach to the Ventura County Fair for a Josh Turner concert! The whole night was fantastic!

Friday, April 24, 2009

I Know What You Are All Thinking...BOY, It Has Been Forever!

Sweet Little Jackson, now 7 months and crawling all over the place
Egg Race...Jae was so worried about keeping the egg on the spoon, that I am pretty sure she was last!

Decorating Easter Cookies

More Frosting Please!

Emerson's Easter Bonnet made by her Sisters

Sweet Olivia and Mommy

Jaelynn coloring away with a quick moment to take a picture with me

My Little Wild Things! What is with those faces?

Puppy Love

We had seven puppies born the first week of May! Much to the girls delight!

Little Chocolate Lab!
I think they are calling him Bentley

Black girl!

A beautiful tune on the piano with Aunt Melissa! Who can play Mommy can not! :(

This is how Jackson shows Emmy how much he loves her!

Never a shortage of giggles around here....
Hope that satisfies for a bit until next time!